What is a mechanical seals and how does it work?

A mechanical seal is used in various rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors. Through the usage of 2 flat lapped faces leakage is prevented. One face is stationary and one face rotates with the shaft. A mechanical seal contains 4 functional components: primary sealing surfaces, secondary sealing surfaces, a means of actuation, a means of drive

Over the years we have gathered technical specifications of most common European & Asian mechanical seal, pump and compressor manufacturers, which resulted in a cross reference database. We can supply interchangeable mechanical seals for:

  • AES

  • Burgmann

  • Chesterton

  • John Crane

  • Flex-a-Seal

  • Flexibox

  • Huhn

  • Pillar Roten

  • Sealcol

  • Vulcan

Do you know the mechanical seal type description which is installed in your equipment?! 

Provide us the OEM seal type description and shaft diameter and we can offer a 100% equivalent seal.

Type unknown BUT you have the equipment maker and type description?!

Provide us the maker and type description of the equipment and we can offer a 100% equivalent seal.

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